Bio Architecture

Biologic Architecture is the pure principle set of rules for design, construction and land use - which utilises the necessary 'fractal' or rose like symmetry / shape of electric fields which allow all living systems to thrive.

BuildingBiologic architecture allows building and community plans to make FRACTAL (shape similarity across scales - like russian dolls nested in one another)and rose-petal like electrical charge fields which puts energy into everything based on DNA. Genes are like all living things - they are based on PHI (natural ratio / harmonic - 1:1.618033989..) 3 and fractality precisely because only phi based constructive charge wave compression allows all biologic memory to be stored - and allows that same field effect to radiate efficiently into the electric flower of self organization called growth, healing, attention, bliss, and successful living.

The premise behind biologic architecture is that all life responds well to design that is in accordance with nature and avoids harmful materials and sharp corners which literally bleed (haemorrhage) capacitive charge. The ultimate goal of biologic architecture is to create fractal charge fields that are implosive in nature and encourage life, positive DNA resonance and charge implosion (the electrical principle of life itself). An ideal example of this concept is found in a rose%u2019s petals, which unfold along the golden mean ratio and are fractal, meaning that they are capable of infinite non-destructive interference and attract charge inward towards the centre causing implosion. Death and disease creating electro smog in steel and aluminium cages visibly inhibit ALL growth- because all life requires the opposite energy field symmetry.

RoofSo by studying and understanding the symmetry of electric fields causing health versus disease we rediscover that an overwhelming simple and yet compelling rule or pattern emerges. Applying this beautiful algorithm to architecture - we now see exactly why the design of living space - must be exactly that - an electrically living space. An electrically alive space (sometimes called 'sacred') - is simply the space where charge can breathe efficiently and thus achieve the (multiply connected / holographic and fractal) distributed resonance called awareness - the thrust of all living systems.

If these rules are followed - ( in playful conjunction with live food / happy DNA diet - movement / exercise - coherent emotional awareness) biology will be healed from the pain it now experiences in so many ways, and bliss will erupt spontaneously. Biology invented death as a way of sorting out what waves are shareable, and pain as a beautifully efficient bio-feedback to show us where to place our attention. So not only does the charge field of your (bliss) DNA - look like a rose but so also does the resulting charge field of your heart, your brain, your refrigerator, your home, your office, and your city and your indeed your life!

leafCreate living space by observing some simple rules:

1. Use natural geometries, shapes, forms, ratios and growth patterns to design our spaces in order to create life and truly sustainable systems. This is 'Full Spectrum Architecture' - not just 'green architecture'!

2. Use virtually ALL biologic materials - to create fractal charge field effects ( avoid particularly aluminium and steel - also plastics wherever at all possible)

3. Plan structures by observing for negative ion potential, and environmental magnetic maps- to find the place of healing (non-destructive charge compression).

4. Make detailed plans to eliminate most all electro smog - the adverse affects of electrical contamination. (Seriously poisonous to most biology)

5. Include paramagnetic stone arrays (dolmen, stone circle, labyrinth) kinds of structure external and or internal - to create rose petal like attraction for living charge.

6. Work with elemental forces under, on and above the land - (living charge domains) - to include the symphony of life in your structural plan.

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