Haraldur Erlendsson, MD, is an eminent Icelandic psychiatrist and specialist in the
treatment of psychological trauma. He has long had a keen interest in the esoteric,
particularly dream symbolism and yoga. His recent novel, ‘The Man Who Drew Triangles’, draws on his research into earth energies and sacred geometry. Haraldur will accompany us on all of our day tours and give lectures on Iceland History, Geomancy and Norse Mythology

Consultant Psychiatrist, Medical Director and CEO of HNLFÍ medical rehabilitation clinic.
Haraldur, born in Denmark, was brought up in Iceland which for him is home. His fascination with the spiritual began with deep inner experiences in his teens that had a formative impact on him and laid the ground for his spiritual journey. His family gave him links to Theosophy as a platform to explore spiritual traditions. His life-long interest has been the study and practical application of the spiritual practices of different religions including shamanism and esoteric tantra.

Haraldur studied medicine and later trained in neurology in Iceland and worked in general practice. Treating victims of natural disasters led him into the field of psychological trauma and psychotherapy. He trained and worked in the UK as a psychiatrist for many years, specializing in treating severe psychological trauma and borderline personality disorder. He is a member of a special interest group at the Royal College of Psychiatrists interested in the overlap between mental illness and spiritual experiences. He is a pioneer of research into the application of sacred geometry, place names and shamanic techniques to unlock ancient earth mysteries. His work holds the promise not only of connecting with the consciousness of the planet, but making equally profound and revelatory inner journeys.

Past On Location Courses with Dr. HARALDUR ERLENDSSON

Run Away To Iceland 2017 - Alchemy Workshops, Events, & Tours
Friday, July 7, 2017 (All day) to Sunday, July 16, 2017 (All day)