Mastering Sacred Geometry Building & Tour of Michael Rice Architecture

The subject of Sacred Geometry springs to life in the hands of Michael. As an architect, he takes a holistic approach to design, based on the understanding that everything is connected, alive and conscious. His company, Holistic House Plans, is the world's largest online resource for building and space designs based on the natural harmonic principles of biological architecture, sacred geometry and feng shui. Each design is unique, and has emerged from an expression of natural patterns, symmetries, shapes, universal symbols and ratios.

The first 3 days is a workshop held at Michael Rice Sacred geometry dwelling in Ireland, followed by a two day tour of houses he designed and built.

This workshop is ideal for framers, builders, developers, architects, designers, feng shui practitioners, as well as interested folk who want to discover the fastest and most optimal methods of building sacred architecture and creating sacred space.

Workshop Intentions

  • Show how to design using sacred geometry
  • Involve the participants in practical design exercises throughout the 3 days
  • Go through the whole design process, from initial client brief to completed designs
  • Take the completed designs and implement them by building the design
  • Be fully involved in both the design and build stages
  • Full interaction and opportunity for questions with the master builder

Learning Focus

  • Define what sacred geometry is
  • Explain the terminology related to sacred geometry
  • Explain the historic usage of sacred geometry
  • Interpret the energetic nature of the universe
  • Identify the difference between constructive and destructive interference
  • Explain what fractaility is
  • Describe the wave nature of sound via scentics
  • Describe the tube torus
  • Define the importance of the Platonic Solids
  • Explain what Phi is
  • Demonstrate how to draw the golden rectangle and golden spiral
  • List where Phi appears in nature and the human body
  • Learn to use the tools to build sacred structure
  • Exploring "dreamfield"  and analysising and discovering the various phi and other sacred geometry harmonics used in its construction.

Sacred Geometry, or spiritual geometry, is a universal language of truth, harmony, beauty, proportion, rhythm and order. Architects and designers draw upon concepts of sacred geometry when they choose particular geometric forms to create pleasing, harmonious, and spiritually uplifting spaces. This workshop is designed to present a good grounding in the science and art of Sacred Geometry, as well as many practical applications and exercises.

Road Trip Tour

This seminar is followed by a ROAD TRIP tour, two days of sacred geometry dwellings designed and built by Michael Rice. Ireland has some of the most spectacular sights in the world with awesome natural scenery that has a seriously magnetic effect. Around every corner is something different - a charming village, an eccentric castle, an archeological wonder or magnificent vistas.

Course Details


Course is 5 Days




Micheal Rice