Opening the Golden Door of Sacred Geometry

An Experiential, Hands-on Introduction to Sacred-Geometry

You amuse me, said Plato, you who think I am imposing impractical studies upon you…like geometry.
Yet, it is through these studies that the eye of the soul is awakened, and this eye is worth more than 10,000 regular eyes.

Have you ever felt a sense that there is a deeper mystery underlying what is commonly referred to as “reality”? Or wondered how to even begin the search? And supposed how you fit in with All of this? At the heart of the ancient Mystery traditions is the study of Geometry…as an initiatory experience.

Awakening to and remembering this ancient living pattern language of size, shape, position, and proportion activates an inner experience of connectedness and awe as well as a fresh perspective on how to creatively relate to the greater Whole. Developing the skills to access this language in an ongoing way gives one a new vocabulary for interpreting art, architecture, symbolism and the world around us.

Becoming familiar with the myriad ways the Geometry of Nature is revealed through fractal patterns, harmonic ratios, and sacred cycles allows one to experience a profound sense of interconnection from the subatomic to the galactic level and to design and align in accordance with this elemental flow.

This lively, multi-faceted 4-day core curriculum course invites you to experience the elemental structures of Sacred Geometry through exquisite multimedia, individual instruction in hands-on drawing with the classic geometer’s tools of architectural compass and straight edge, and collaborative construction of 3-D geometric models… as well as exploring practical, real world application of these design principles into your own venues.

Day I Unlocking the Door…with the Geometer’s Tools

Mysteries From Antiquity

map circlingGeometry, one of the world’s oldest sacred sciences literally means “earth measurement”, and in the wider sense, concerns itself with the measurement of all Space. Deep within this study of the Space of Universe lies a beautiful and mysterious system of Living Wisdom with its vibrant, archetypal forms that have fascinated philosophers and sages from all spiritual traditions since antiquity. Beginning with a comprehensive multi-media presentation, we trace the lineage of this ancient wisdom tradition and explore clues from Ancient Egypt, Persia, Greece and the British Isles. Master Geometers such Pythagoras, Plato, Euclid, Leonardo and others show us how this wisdom is applied to all aspects of human culture through Sacred measure, Sacred Space, Sacred Number, Astronomy, navigation, architecture, dance, music and art.

Opening the Compass

classThe Mystery tradition of Geometry introduces the initiate to the geometers’ tools through elemental practices which reveal how the matrix of Creation arises and from it all form. We begin by centering ourselves and taking up Compass and Straight Edge to explore the grid of Creation and its myriad patterns. We come to discover that the secrets of the geometer’s tools are continually revealed by actually working with them in a hands-on way as a meditative practice connecting the practitioner with the Living Presence of Creation. In this session we will spend substantial time drawing these fundamental geometric forms with ample time for individual instruction.

Day II Deciphering the Matrix

geometric shapeFrom the Circle…to the Music of the Spheres

Today we step into the 3rd dimension and observe the countless examples of Spherical Geometry in our Universe.  With a rich multi-media presentation, we see how the Sphere manifests as stars and planets on the macrocosmic level and as a human egg on the microcosmic level. We will experiment with the magic of the closest packing of spheres and construct our own hands-on 3-dimensional matrix that holds clues to the crystalline lattice structure of Nature itself.

Revealing the Jewels of the Ancient Elements

class activityLike a master jeweler cuts a stone with precision to create a sparkling gem, the geometry of the sphere can be divided into the perfect solids in which every angle and facet are exactly equal.  Mysteriously, there are only 5 forms in the Universe that fulfill these requirements and they have been known for thousands of years.   These forms are so fundamental to the architecture of Nature, ancient philosophers regarded them as the five elements themselves.  Modern scientists are discovering that these forms hold the key to many riddles in fields such as Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.

In this session we will explore these 5 Platonic solids by constructing each one using a 3-dimensional hands-on modeling system called Zometools.   Kinesthetically exploring the angles, faces and “feel” of each form is a revelation in itself.  We will also examine the symbolic significance of each form through a multimedia presentation that weaves together ancient art, architecture, and history, as well as contemporary science.

Day III Synergetics: Coordinate System of the Universe

class activityNature’s Principles of Design

Buckminster Fuller, pioneer of the Geodesic Dome, was an architect, engineer, inventor, mathematician, scientist, author, cartographer, cosmologist, and humanitarian…a modern renaissance man who developed an extraordinary range of sustainable and efficient designs based on the geometries of interconnection.

How is it that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts?  In a word…Synergy.  Synergetics is the study of the geometry of systems.  In this session, we take a look at Nature revealing her secrets …through a multimedia tour of the work of Bucky Fuller and discuss the systems within systems at work within us and around us.

Fuller spent a lifetime exploring the interconnection of the Platonic solids and applied this understanding to all aspects of design. We will investigate the profound relationships inherent in these forms using a variety of life-size structures and hands-on models including a unique geometric tool designed by Fuller, which he playfully named the “Jitterbug” because of its ability to “dance” and morph into different shapes.

posterGreat Circles… The Geometry of Humanity and Mother Earth

Stepping inside of these life-size geometric forms allows us to kinesthetically explore the pathways of Great Circles through Tai Chi-style movements.  As we become centered in our own sphere we feel more in resonance with our planetary sphere and beyond…awakening a deeper sense of balance and harmony. 

We will then step onto a large Dymaxion World Map which was designed by Fuller for his World Game. This geometrically-inspired Map reveals the interconnections of our world so that we see our planet as One Island in One Ocean. 

Day IV The Divine Proportion: Connecting Heaven and Earth

Harmonic Design and the Architecture of Creation

dymaxion mapWithin the symphony that we call Universe there are distinct relationships that are beautifully harmonic and are resounded on every scale of creation.  Today we will discover how Artists and Architects throughout history have consciously integrated these proportions into their compositions so that they become vibrant and resonate with the greater whole.  We will investigate the “golden proportion” and practice constructing it in a number of different ways so that all participants become very comfortable implementing these methods in future artwork and designs.

Perceiving from the Inside-Out

Our examination of the Golden Ratio concludes with a multimedia finale that expresses how this profound relationship is not an abstract mathematical concept but rather a dynamic pattern of growth and movement that manifests in myriad forms throughout the cosmos.  This session will culminate with the opportunity to creatively synthesize the main components of our 4-day kinesthetic journey into “awakening the eye of the soul’ through the living principles of Sacred Geometry.  Each participant will then gather their set of archetypal platonic solids and portfolio of their own traditional hand-drawn geometric patterns to bring home with them as a way to continue their journey.

Participants will:

  • vitruvian manExplore how the Art and Science of Sacred Geometry has shaped our spatial consciousness through art, architecture, navigation, cartography, astronomy, cosmology, philosophy, and spirituality
  • Become proficient in the ancient pattern language of geometry and learn how to incorporate these key archetypal forms into one’s own professional and individual design practices
  • Develop a portfolio of your hand-drawn geometric renderings as well a set of your own 3-D geometric forms to take with you for ongoing development
  • Gain confidence in mastering classic geometric drawing techniques with the geometer’s tools of compass and straightedge
  • Acquire methods and tools that make construction of beautifully complex models easy for new geometers
  • Experience simple, elegant kinesthetic practices for awakening the sacred geometries in one’s own body for enhanced balance, awareness, and harmony
  • Cultivate a deeper sense of the geometric architecture of Nature at the heart of the interconnections of the web of life
  • Examine how fractals, symmetry and other geometric features embedded in Nature are beautifully integrated into ancient and contemporary designs
  • Investigate how Sacred Number and Harmonics contribute in a fundamental way to the practical design of Sacred Space
Course Details


Course is 4 Days