Exploring the Mysteries of Provence Southern France Study Tour

For all lovers of French cuisine, good wine, ancient legends and mysterious stories, we have prepared a unique experience in form of traveling along dragon line, along one line of natural pentagram of Provence in southern France. We will enter stories of Holy Grail, follow footprints of St. John, Maria Magdalena, old alchemists, Nostradamus and da Vinci.

We will encounter remnants of ancient civilizations and try to understand their messages and advices for present time. You will also experience a pilgrimage at the seacoast, to the famous Stes Maries-de-la-Mer Black Madonna Gipsy's festival and celebration of early Christian rituals.


  1. Arles, St. Trophime, Alyscamps
  2. Stes. Maries-de-la-Mer; Gipsy Pilgrimage black madonna
  3. St. RÈmy, Les Antiques; Glanum,
  4. St. Paul, van Gough, le Pyramide
  5. Holy Mount and hidden valley with a sacred spring
  6. Les Baux, Tremarie
  7. Abbay de Montmajour
  8. Hypogeum in Cordes
  9. St. Etienne/Notre Dame du Chateau and Ernagium
  10. St. Gabriel's chapel, Tarascon
  11. Garden of Alchemyst in Egyliere
  12. Cavaillon, Orgon, L'Isle Sur-la-Sorque
  13. Fountaine de Vauclus, Pernes-les-Fontaine
  14. Le Beaucet and St. John's hermitage - St. Gens
  15. Avignon / Chateauneuf-du-Pape / Carpentras/Orange

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