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Sacred Geometry Conference April 2015 in New York City

Sacred Geometry & Alchemy Event of the Year

If you are interested in unraveling the mysteries and secrets of the Universe, then this is the event of the year. A celebration of Sacred Geometry with expert teachers, featuring Michael Rice, Kiraimi, Aurelius electrum and Brian Cotnoir, and exciting Full Day trip to MONTAUK.

Sacred Geometry is the blueprint of Creation and the genesis of all form. It is an ancient science that explores and explains the energy patterns that create and unify all things and reveals the precise way that the energy of Creation organizes itself. On every scale, every natural pattern of growth or movement conforms inevitably to one or more geometric shapes.

The Science of Seeing

Written By Michael Rice

In order to begin to understand the potential of Bioarchitecture in terms of health and well-being, it makes sense to explore how the brain and nervous system respond to stimuli from and in our environment. One of our primary senses is seeing, as this is usually the predominant vehicle for our experience of physical space, at least initially.

Exploring the Mysteries of Provence Southern France Study Tour

For all lovers of French cuisine, good wine, ancient legends and mysterious stories, we have prepared a unique experience in form of traveling along dragon line, along one line of natural pentagram of Provence in southern France. We will enter stories of Holy Grail, follow footprints of St. John, Maria Magdalena, old alchemists, Nostradamus and da Vinci.

We will encounter remnants of ancient civilizations and try to understand their messages and advices for present time. You will also experience a pilgrimage at the seacoast, to the famous Stes Maries-de-la-Mer Black Madonna Gipsy's festival and celebration of early Christian rituals.

Immortality: Can Science Know How it Works? by Dan Winter

Image credit: Alex Grey...

The Visual Geometry of Near Death Experience - Derives from the Electric Field Fold Sequence (Dimensions of Recursive Braiding) in DNA.

By Dan Winter


Millions of lucid dreamers, astral travelers, remote viewers, shaman, and near death experiencers CANNOT be wrong. Your memory and attention and perception are absolutely something which CAN travel and survive OUTSIDE your body. Don't you think its time for physics to tell you what that is? Since your LIFE depends on knowing?

"The amount of coherence in your aura's charge field or plasma- is called your KA. The portion of that coherence which IS projectable and makes it to faster than light speed- is called the BA- like a seed pushed out of a husk or shell.
The process of pushing the aura central charge seed (KA BA)- during death or coherent lucid dream involves a highly specific and known sequence of geometric phase transformations- documented as the 'Kluver Form Constants'

To argue that consciousness is NOT an electric field would be to ignore Einstein's unified field and the oneness prescribed by all spiritual tradition. IF - your awareness and memory field is an electric domain - as is obvious - THEN it must obey some simple rules:

1. It must be toroidal, donut shaped.
2. It's structure must have symmetry, and nests of vortex to hold it together.
3. It's survival is in proportion to it's coherence - how shareable is it's symmetry.
4. It's propagation radiance is in proportion to it's FRACTALITY- because perfect compression ALWAYS precedes perfect RADIANCE.

It is exquisitely beautiful to observe how the...

New Online Courses Now Available

We at the Academy Sacred Geometry are pleased to offer students of sacred geometry participation in our seminars with self guided courses with online streaming desktop video. To start there are 5 available totaling over 25 days worth of course work, plus bonus materials. Our ONLINE program is based on the same groundbreaking curriculum as our in-class option (no longer available to attend)

It is the perfect solution for those who wish to study Sacred Geometry. Stay tuned as new courses come available.

The Eleusinian Mysteries

Our topic is the Eleusinian Mysteries, perhaps one of the best-known mystery cults of all time. They are rooted in a very ancient time, long before the city state of Athens or the official worship of the Olympian Gods ever existed. Despite this, they have retained their sacrality and commanded respect within various eras and cultures, almost as if they have their own secret and magical way of evoking something in the soul or subconscious of man. I am not sure which term to use - the citizen of classical Greece, Imperial Rome, Enlightenment Europe or even our own Digital reality. There is a host of very proliferous narratives and legends around the theme of these Mysteries.