About Sacred Geometry

Discover why Pythagoras said Sacred Geometry was the most important science, art and philosophy for a healthy society to learn.

“In the East- we have the TAO. In the West- we have Sacred Geometry”

No lesser souls than Leonardo, Kepler, Goethe, Bacon, John Dee, Gurdjieff, Steiner and Fuller and all western spiritual traditions and alchemists held Sacred Geometry close to the core of their beliefs and applications in life. It involved a deep meditative attunement and close observation of nature. Suppressed for thousands of years - this lost knowledge of Truth, Beauty, Evolution and Harmony is slowly being rediscovered.

Sacred Geometry is a study of the universal language of truth, harmony, beauty, proportion, rhythm and order. It is a blueprint of creation, an interface between the seen and unseen, the manifest and unmanifest. Sacred Geometry can be defined as an understanding of the underlying numerical and geometric Principles of Creation.

To truly understand Sacred Geometry we have to understand that everything in the universe is made up of energy and it is in a continual state of transformation. All actions obey distinct patterns, and Sacred Geometry describes these laws.

It is a pathway to understanding who you are, where you are from and where you are going.

Through the study of patterns, shapes, forms, proportions, ratios, you can master Sacred Geometry. It unravels the mysteries of life and explains how we are all from the same source, unity and oneness. It is a study of the underlying principles that make our Universe be able to EXIST!

From the dance of sub-atomic particles to spiraling galaxies, and the concepts of wave theory, Zero point and Holographic fields, advanced systems of healing, Bio Feedback, The Fractal Universe, The Geometry of DNA, Nature, Ancient Civilizations, Alchemy, New Clean Energy Technologies, Sacred Architecture, Art and Design, Kundalini Studies, Bliss and Enlightenment, Magnetism and the ‘WIND on which LOVE Travels.’

It is also a language of symbols, light and art operating via the Right Hemisphere of the Brain that understands Pictures, Colors, Shape, Holographs.

Every culture and society, since the beginning of time has had their version of a synergistic interrelationship with these patterns. Geometry is the common ground between many of the cultures and traditions on our planet going back to the beginning of the human story.

The Ancients such as the Sumerians, Egyptians, Druids, Essences and Mayans incorporated Sacred Geometry teachings into their mystery schools.  More recently, these once closely held secrets were transmitted through the studies of Vedic philosophy, vastu shastra, Feng Shui and Taoist philosophy, Western Alchemy, Freemasonry, and the Rosicrucian movement in Europe. Their initiates had to learn the Alchemy of the Soul.

It also involved the study of the Stars and star maps and therefore connected us to the big Picture or Macrocosm, which our Ancestors believed was a mirror of the Small, Atomic, D.N.A Picture or Microcosm. Hence the famous saying “ As Above, so Below.” 

Anciently, it developed the ability to measure the Earths circumference, build mighty temples and structures such as the Pyramids, and be able to move huge tonnage of beautiful craved stones into position. It enabled us to create music, art, architecture and the philosophies of who you are, how you are created, where you are going and with what purpose.

Sacred Geometry is the Language of Shape, vibration and symmetry. From the mosaics of Sufi Art, the pyramids of Ancient Egypt, the Mandela’s of Vedic Philosophy, to the calendars of the Aztecs and mystery schools and secret societies in the western world, to the medicines of India, Tibet, China, Celtic and Druid – Sacred Geometry has long bridged the world of spirit and matter. It continues to play an integral role in the traditions of art, architecture, science and cutting-edge physics, alchemy, feng shui, geomancy, music and mathematics.