Friday, July 7, 2017 (All day) to Sunday, July 16, 2017 (All day)


Itinerary & Details

Itinerary Program 2017

July 6th Thursday
Optional arrival and rest day

July 7th Friday
International arrival and transfer   
Dinner 6-7pm
Start of Iceland Celebration
Introduction to program and teachers.
Presentation: Introduction to Alchemy and Plant Medicine with Paul Harris

July 8th Saturday
9-12 pm: Classical Alchemy and plant medicine workshop with Paul Harris
12-1pm: Lunch
2- 5pm:  Local hike / exploration / meditation / thermal pool swim / mud therapy / horse riding
6-7pm: Dinner
7.30- 10 pm: Classical Alchemy and plant medicine workshop with Paul Harris

July 9th Sunday
9-1pm: Classical Alchemy and plant medicine workshop with Paul Harris
1-2pm: Lunch
2- 5pm: Classical Alchemy and plant medicine workshop with Paul Harris
5.30pm: Depart for Dinner/Feast welcome party at Ingólfsskáli “Ingolf’s Hall”
Old Viking House
8-10pm: Evening talk with Dr. Haraldur Erlendsson
Introduction to Iceland culture and Geomancy

July 10th Monday
Early breakfast
Depart for tour of Reykjavik   
Lunch / free time in Reykjavik
Evening at BLUE LAGOON thermal pool
Dinner at Blue Lagoon
Return late to Heilsustofnun.

July 11th Tuesday
9-1pm: “Ormes” making workshop with Paul, Callie, Inga, Josef and Roger
1-2pm: lunch
3-5 pm: Tonic drinks and Superfood Elixirs with Inga Bylinkina
6-7pm: dinner
8-10pm: Tonic drinks and Superfood Elixirs with Inga Bylinkina

July 12th Wednesday
Early breakfast
Depart for Thingvellir national park (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
Walks and meditation
Journey onto Laugarvatn and enjoy the thermal pool
Return late to Heilsustofnun

July 13th Thursday
9-1pm: Scott Olsen
Understanding the Golden Mean Ratio and Sacred Geometry
1-2pm: lunch
3-6 pm: Scott Olsen
Golden Mean Ratio studies
6-7pm: dinner
Evening talk with Dr. Haraldur Erlendsson
Later evening relax with mud / water / swim

July 14th Friday
Early breakfast
Depart for Meditations in the Sacred Mountains of the South
The mesmerizing landscapes of the Myrdalsjokull and Eyjafjallajokull glaciers
Capture dramatic photographs of Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss waterfalls

July 15th Saturday
 9-1pm: Water Healing Technology workshop with Josef
1-2pm: lunch
3-5pm: Water Healing Technology workshop with Josef
6pm: Depart for Reykjavik Dinner Party

July 16th Sunday
Depart for home / transfer to airport
Or book more days at Heilsustofnun.

Tour Days

Waterfalls and glaciers, are some of the greatest sights in Iceland. One of our tours goes through the lowlands of south Iceland with its diverse landscapes of lush farmlands, glaciers, dramatic sandy coastlines and striking waterfalls. This trip will bring you to the amazing Myrdalsjokull and Eyjafjallajokull glaciers and the spectacular Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss waterfalls. Seljalandsfoss is approximately sixty meters high but the most fun part is that you can walk behind the waterfall. You will start to understand why the Icelandic sagas, was a major source of inspiration for Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. Keep a watch out for the Elves.

Thingvellir National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, also having served as a meeting point for the chieftains of the region. The site is located on the mid-Atlantic ridge, where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates drift apart. It was the center of country’s culture during the Iceland Commonwealth era.

Reykjavik is the largest city in Iceland, as well as being the world’s northernmost capital. It was established as a small port by Norwegian and Celtic emigrants early in the 9th and 10th century. Now it is one of the most iconic cities in the world, and is a true representation of the culture and traditions of the island.  Amongst the many attractions we will visit, Hallgrímskirkja cathedral is the prime religious institution in the city. The church can easily be seen from a far, and is considered sacred by the local populace. At 73 metres (244 ft), it is the largest church in Iceland and among the tallest structures and is visible throughout the city. State Architect Guðjón Samúelsson's design of the church was commissioned in 1937. He is said to have designed it to resemble the basalt lava flows of Iceland's landscape and it took 41 years to build the church with construction starting in 1945 and ended in 1986.

The region is also famous for its massive geothermal spa, known as the Blue Lagoon. It’s located in a lava field near Grindavik, which is 39 kilometers away from the city of Reykjavik. The warm waters of the site are known for curing skin diseases, particularly due to the rich amount of silica and sulfur.

Detailed Course and Event Descriptions

Friday 7.30pm, July 7th, 2017
Evening Talk  

Introduction to Practical Alchemy
Join us for an exploration into the philosophy, theory and practice of the Alchemical Traditions. On Friday evening, you will enjoy a lively presentation with our Alchemy teacher Aurelius Electrum from Canada. This is a good chance for you to get a sneak peek at this weekend’s Alchemy workshop and network and socialize with our guides, teachers and other participants from all over the world.

Course Outline

  • How to make Plant Medicines • Elixirs • The Magic of Water • Advanced Energy Technologies • Sacred Geometry • Ormes “Orbitaly Rearranged Mono Atomic Elements” • How to make Spagyrics • The History of Alchemy • Principles and Symbolism
  • Advanced trainings:
  • The Mysteries of The Egg  
  • How to make Alchemical Cosmetics

Advanced trainings:

  • The Mysteries of The Egg
  • How to make Alchemical Cosmetics

Saturday, Sunday July 8-9th
The Ancient and Modern Techniques of Alchemy

  • Practical Alchemy
  • The Art of Distillation
  • Learn how to make your own plant medicines
  • Introduction and Advanced material is covered
  • Practical Alchemy with The Egg
  • The Alchemy of Cosmetics

This is a practical workshop and we are setting up an alchemy lab so you can witness the complete experience.
This weekend has both introduction level and ‘next step’ advanced trainings.

We’ll look at various laboratory apparatus, their description, set-up and use, as well as laboratory safety.  Working with the plant kingdom through the art of distillation, we’ll create an alchemical menstruum as well as an essential oil for your personal use.
Participants will also take home bottles of the Spagyric tincture and essences we will create in the classes.
Learn the history of Hermetic Mysticism and the techniques used by the forefathers of modern chemistry, herbology and medicine.  This two-day seminar (plus Friday evening) will provide an in depth look at both inner and outer alchemy utilizing a wide spectrum of alchemical teachings including Vedic, Taoist and the

Western Hermetic Traditions.
The goal of this course is to provide you with a foundation for a physical, mental and spiritual understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of Nature, through the magical spectacles of the Western Esoteric Alchemical Traditions
Join us for an exploration into the philosophy, theory and practice of the alchemical tradition.

Course outline

  • Alchemy Philosophy, Theory and Practice
  • The role of Sacred Geometry in Alchemy
  • Types of Alchemy
  • Laboratory Safety
  • Lab Equipment
  • Distillation Setup
  • Rectification of the Spirit of Rosemary
  • Three Alchemical Principles in the Three Realms
  • Alchemical History
  • Paracelsus
  • Rudolph II
  • John Dee and Edward Kelly
  • Tycho Brahe
  • Johannes Kepler
  • Isaac Newton
  • Herbal Tincturing
  • Essential Oil Distillation
  • Calcination
  • Planetary Correspondences
  • Alchemical Elixirs
  • Spagyric Herbal Tincture
  • Spagyric Herbal Essence
  • Preparation and Uses of Herbal Elixirs
  • Seven Planetary Elixirs
  • Preparing for the Mineral Work
  • Alchemical Relationships
  • Kabbalah

Advanced trainings:

  • The Mysteries of The Egg  
  • Creating All Natural Alchemical Cosmetics
  • Preparing for the Mineral Work
  • Rectification of Oil of Egg
  • Bottling of Products (take home your samples)
  • Participants will also take home bottles of the “Oil of Egg” which we will create in the classes.

“In alchemy the egg stands for the chaos apprehended by the artifex, the prima materia containing the captive world-soul. Out of the egg — symbolized by the round cooking vessel — will rise the eagle or phoenix, the liberated soul, which is ultimately identical with the Anthropos who was imprisoned in the embrace of Physis.” - Carl Jung

Spagyrics “open” medicinal plants completely to release powerful healing properties. The word Spagyrics has its origin in Greek: from spao-I collect, and ageiro -I extract. It is a method of separating and preserving the hidden qualities (signatures) of plants and minerals in elixirs, tinctures, and powders.
You will discover and master the techniques to “open medicinal plants" and then to “exalt their essence and constituents’ and then recombine them into a personal medicine. The result is subtle yet powerful medicines free of the impurities normally associated with their gross material forms. By learning to make tinctures and elixirs and work with essences, you will become healthier, mentally clearer and spiritually stronger for the challenges of the Great Work ahead. .

The Oil of Egg - Advanced Alchemical Procedure - Ovum Philosophicum


  • What does this Symbol of Life hold in store?
  • Discover the magic and power of extracting its essences.

This humble shape has a lot to offer us. Considered the symbol of life, we'll take an in depth alchemical look into everything Egg. We will create powerful medicines with eggs and explore its untapped miracles. Cracking the cosmic egg in Iceland, there couldn't be a finer setting for this profound work!

What is Alchemy
Alchemy is one of the world's oldest traditions - a unique blend of science and spirituality and is often referred to as divine chemistry. Alchemy offers a way of living in accord with the patterns of the universe, which can result in magical transformations in your life and has the potential to create a new vision of the world.
The word Alchemy comes from the Arabic ‘al kima’. The great Egyptian adept king Thoth (and the feminine consort Ma-at), named by the Greeks as Hermes Trismegistus (As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without) are thought to have been the founders of the art. Legends tell us, since ancient Egyptian times, alchemists have worked in secret to produce something called the Philosopher's Stone, or the Elixir of Life, what the Egyptian's called Mfkzt, or what Mozes called Manna.
The earliest use of the modern word Alchemy is found in the works of Julius Firmicus Maternus, the Astronomer, who lived in the fourth century, in the time of the Emperor Constantine. However, regardless of where the word ‘Alchemy' began, it has come to mean a very special form of spiritual development.
Simply, Alchemy is the art of transmutation and can be thought of as the raising of vibrations. In the physical sense we hear stories of old disseminating the idea of turning ‘lead into gold’. The metaphor here is the idea of transforming something from a gross, unrefined state to a perfect and purified form and this process has come to be known as transmutation.
Through the learning, understanding and application of alchemical principles, modern science and quantum physics can return to its roots, that of an inseparable universe, and where the role of consciousness and ethics has a hand in working with matter.

"Paracelsus summarized this rather well when he pointed out that the alchemical transmutation was impossible unless the alchemist HIMSELF was in the process of transformation.”
- Manley Palmer Hall

Turning base metals into gold can also be viewed as more than a chemical operation carried out with laboratory equipment, as we read more into alchemical literature we see that a great deal of the work is aimed at a mental and spiritual level and transmutation of the Soul.

Iceland´s Sacred Geometry and Nordic Mythology

Introduction to Icelandic culture and Geomancy with Dr. Haraldur Erlendsson
Haraldur will discuss the influential Viking culture of the 9th century and reveal that this culture that today is often seen as barbaric was in fact successful as it was the best trained and educated in Europe.  Heavily influenced by Greek and Christian Culture through mercenary work for the Roman Empire and it was from Iceland that the Varangian Guard the private army of the Emperor in Constantinople (modern day Istanbul and the main capital of the Roman Empire from the 4th century) was founded and it ensured the Emperor´s safety as well as functioning as the Seals of the Empire in times of crisis. They were the highest paid in the Empire and when the Emperor died the treasury was theirs and they were regarded as second in power after the Emperor.
What set the Nordic culture aside from others when it came down to warfare was fearlessness in battle.  Behind the scenes was the death culture of Wodan most likely with initiations causing near death experiences. During the ninth and tenth century in Norway centralized government was on the increase and many of the fiercely independent local lords found this unacceptable and some moved to Iceland.  There the old ways were continued.  They were later blackmailed to take on Christianity yet unlike anywhere else the heathen ways continued for more many centuries allowing integration between the old and the new.  The priests of the church were the descendants of the “Viking Brahmins and bards” and were educated in the new as the old.  Through the literature written in the 12th and 13th century the old gods were described as local heroes and the religious secrets left in the manuscripts for those who could understand the symbolic langue of the spirit. It has been suggested that this tradition replaced the Old Testament in some ways and gave the culture a strong sense of independence but also respect for spiritual experience and encounters with consciousness of the land remained central in Icelandic traditions.
In the book of Icelanders, it is described that a man was given the task to find a place for the national parliament.  Smaller local parliaments were held three times a year but at midsummer the main one was held.  The man given the task was Grímur Geitskór.  He was and is the highest paid individual in Icelandic history.  Every man would pay him tax.  He would measure the land and set the place for the midsummer celebrations.  Until today no one has known on what basis he decided for Thingvellir.  Of interest is that he used the money got as payment to build temples (Hof) around the country.
Haraldur will demonstrate how Grímur approached it´s subject with the principles of Sacred Geometry and also show that the first settler Ingólf had in fact used the same method.  The method is based on defining the outermost points of the land and the islands and drawling lines between them and then finding the golden section point on the line.  This is the sacred point.  

Here we have one of the middles of Iceland named Ullur – one of Wodan’s names. 

Here is another pattern based on the outermost points of the land in the east, west, north and south.  The central point is called Íshóll or the Hill of Ís.  Ís the name of Ísland / Iceland and means fire, ice, and god (Ace).  There was one of ancient temples of Iceland and what is called Bard´s valley.

The old Commonwealth (Goðaveldið - Goth Weald) was created on the basis of the old traditions including starlore.  The 36 watchers of time and the zodiac (three in each sign – 10°) that were used for navigation became the 36 main temples of the land and with them the office of Goði – a members of parliament.  They as all other independent landlords ruled their own lands as high priest and judge.  However all issues that could not be resolved locally were referred to the Things (parliaments) first local (36) then smaller areas (18) and then for the quarters (4) and finally to the main one at midsummer.  There were in all 108 temples in early Iceland.  

The land was divided from the start to four parts (the parts being called a fourth).  Each had his main founding father.  We have Ingólf in the south, Hrafnaflóki in the west, Garðar in the north and Naddoddur in the east.

The land was ideal for a symbolic set up as a “circular island.  It became the symbolic temple of Wodan (the high god of Iceland) with his servants the Einherjar the mythic 432 founders of the land.  They all represented an aspect of Wodan.  This number 432000 is mentioned in the Eddic poems as the warriors of Valhalla but is also found in India in the myths about the goddess fighting the world war against the dark forces.  Wodan and his penis and the Goddess and her womb are as in India key symbols and the two biggest glaciers in Iceland carry their names and the one in the middle is the Glacier of the Temple (Hofsjökull) – symbol for the center and throne room of god - Wodan.

There is also the myth about the four guardians of the directions:  dragon in the east, eagle in the north, bull in the west and a giant with fiery iron pillar in the south.  The last one came from Hjalli that is not far from Heilsustofnun.

Haraldur will discuss the main three male gods of space (shore, fertile land and mountain) and the three goddesses of time (past, present and future) of Nordic Mythology and how they are named and arranged in the land. 

Haraldur will also discuss the manuscript found in Hauksbók (book of the Hawk) called algorismus that gives the number of the elements alluded to by Plato in his discussion of the five solids. These are the numbers 8, 12, 18 and 27 and finally 216. They are multiples of the numbers of god the mother (2) and god the father (3).

At the heart of Icelandic spirituality is the practice of ÚTISETUR.  

Symbology and Mysteries of the North


  • Mysteries of the North
  • Sibyl´s Poem
  • The Saga of Bard (the high God of Iceland)
  • Patterns of Sacred Geometry in Iceland
  • Aryaman, Snow mountains, Eternity mountains  
  • The Icelandic myth of the founding fathers
  • Golden section and sacred geometry in founding Reykjavík and Thingvellir
  • The mountains and directions of midsummer and midwinter
  • The eternal mythology of the path from darkness to light
  • Sacred geometry in the myth of the German myth of Nibelungen (Sigfried the dragon slayer)
  • The founding of Washington DC by George Washington and use of sacred geometry  

Haraldur will discuss the symbology of the key poem of Nordic mythology called Völuspá – The Sibyl´s Poem.  This poem describes the creation of the world, the trouble it got into, the war of the gods and the trolls and the creation of a new World of Wisdom.  This is not only symbolic but holds within it the scared and magical names of the Dwarfs that assist man in his transformation of self so that he may find Wodan’s Wisdom and become a World of Wisdom and enter Gimlvé the High Heaven of Gems.

Bárður Snæfellsás (Bard the god of Snowmountain) was the high god of Iceland – „the almighty god“.  He is in fact Wodan himself – the God of Wisdom and Death.  His saga (Bárðarsaga Snæfellsáss) tells of his landing at the Church of Giants, living at Laugarbrekka (where the church of men stands) and then withdrawing in to the mountain where he rules to this day (church of gods).  It is also said that the doorway to his mountain dwelling is at Lóndrangar (dead south of the mountains high point).  These points create two isosceles triangles and are aligned to the north south axis of the mountain.  
The larger triangle is based on the square with angles of 45° 90° 45° and the perimeter of the triangle in 1000 Roman feet is 100.  The lower triangle is half of that with angles of 22.5° 135° 22.5°.  
Througout his saga sacred geometry is hinted at as infact one can see in most the Icelandic saga´s. 

His story also tells about his birth in north Norway, education in south Norway before moving to Iceland.  These three points create a rectangular triangle of 1:2:r3.  The shortest line of that triangle is the „northway“ of Norway.  It is the direction of sunrise at midwinter seen from the highst mountain in Norway.  Many duplets of key Icelandic placenames are aligned such that the line goes towards Glittertind (shining peak) the highest mountain of Norway – Norways „Mecca“.

Sacred mountains are the heart of the symbology of Iceland.  Apart from the main axis of the mountain (of north and south) there are the lines based on the direction of midsummer and midwinter sunrise and sunset.  The winter lines have names indicating darkness and death while the midsummer lines show names of light and immortality.  The observation of sunrise shows the rising point moving north from midwinter to midsummer.  This is the path from darkness to light and in Iceland the heathen people were buried with there heads towards the north while the Christians were buried with there head towards sunrise at the equinox (east).  Along the lines of midsummer we also have places with stories about magical stones (Wish Stones) that emerge and midsummer and transform peoples fortunes.  

Here we have an example of three places named eternity (Eilíf-) forming an isoscelese triangle and aligned to Bard´s snow mountain.  Along with that axis the mountain Drápuhlíðarfjall with it´s legends of the Wish Stones of midsummer. There are here two lines of 1000 units of 1000 Roman feet.  Thousand referring to the cube of ten that symbolises ultimate perfection and a state of kingship.

Here we see the lines of midsummers and midwinter around the mountain of Ármannsfell.  We can also see the red lines dividing the circle into 30°.

Ármann is another mountain god who came to iceland from Norway and his saga (Ármannssaga) tells of his disciple and challenges he was given – that he could only master with Ármann´s help.  His name is very ancient and is found as the name of the high god of early Hinduism and related to love and light.  In fact early names for Jesus were also linked with him

Ármann has three mountains dedicated to him in Iceland and together they form an equilateral triangle.

Haraldur will futher discuss the various places and there gods and how sacred geometry was central to their placements.   He will then experiment with the group during the day trips to bring the sacred powers in to the body using principles of sacred geometry. 

Sacred Geometry with Dr. Scott Olsen

Sacred Geometry is the blueprint of Creation and the genesis of all form. It is an ancient science that explores and explains the energy patterns that create and unify all things and reveals the precise way that the energy of Creation organizes itself. On every scale, every natural pattern of growth or movement conforms inevitably to one or more geometric shapes.  

At the root of all cultures is a single, universal code of knowledge, which has the potential to unite all things, referred to as Sacred Geometry (the term first coined by our friend, colleague and author Robert Lawlor). From its simple base in pure numbers, it develops through musical harmonies and geometric proportions into a complete, coherent picture of creation.

Mother nature uses geometry everywhere you look, from the spirals of the nautilus shell, galaxies, sunflowers, snowflakes, flower petals, honeycombs and the deepest design of the smallest particles know to humanity! Sacred Geometry is the modern bridge between science, physics and spirituality. It is described as the Architect of the Universe, the footprint of God, the design of the infinite. It was always used in the planning and construction of religious structures such as churches, temples, mosques and sacred art.

Part one with Scott Olsen
The Golden Section

To those who know how to approach her, Nature will lift her veil revealing a stunning system of elegant aesthetic delights. The Golden Section appearing at the center of it all, may well be the foundation of the most beautiful ratio in Nature, and the very bond that holds everything together through ratio, resonance and self-similar harmony at all levels.

Scott will introduce you to how the Golden Section (Divine Proportion) is the root source of Nature's Eurhythmic Principles of Design. He will demonstrate the beauty, wisdom and pervasiveness of this golden mean in everything from DNA, plants, animals, humans, the solar system, music, quarks, pyramids and hurricanes.

Known to Plato and the initiates of classical Greece, the Golden Section's ubiquitous presence in all things provides the means for our progressive unfoldment into higher states of consciousness, in what the ancients referred to as initiation into the mysteries.

This presentation also includes startling new scientific developments involving the Golden Section.
Profound new insights into the dominating role of the Divine Proportion is taking the world of both science and aesthetics by storm. For example, on January 7, 2010 teams of physicists collaborating in England and Germany reported their empirical observation of the Golden Section as the principle of symmetry at the heart of quantum mechanics.

In this visual presentation and discussion, we will examine both the ancient traditions and some of the recent stunning discoveries into the underlying role of a Golden Section centered system of dynamic symmetry. It now appears to be central to physics (winding number, fine structure constant, quark masses), the periodic table of elements, biology (including plant phyllotaxis, genetics and DNA structure), heart physiology, computer technology, encryption, astronomy, music, weather turbulence, beauty and the unfolding of consciousness itself.

A deep recognition is arising amongst many scholars, scientists, aestheticians and leading thinkers that the underlying mathematics of harmony permeates all aspects of life. We are literally on the threshold of a new renaissance in consciousness studies, the sciences, and arts. Perhaps the most striking feature for many is that the same Golden Principle lies at the heart of both beauty and optimal function in all fields.

Participants will develop a deep understanding of the role of the Golden Section and Fibonacci and Lucas numbers in Nature and principles of design. Nature's elegant numbers pervade the entire Cosmos, from top to bottom, from Galactic considerations, down through the Solar System, morphology of humans, animals, insects, plants, minerals, down into the DNA, microtubules, clathrins, subatomic particles and even the quarks themselves.  

We will see how the Cosmos ‘fractalizes’ from the above down to the below, demonstrating a Hermetic self-similarity at all levels.
Scott Olsen decoded Plato and solved his Divided Line problem, and figured out the nature of the Indefinite Dyad and created a template that derives the square root of 2 and the square root of 3 from the Golden Section and its Reciprocal and Square Root.

  • Solving the Mystery of the One & the Indefinite Dyad
  • the Divided Line
  • the Golden Chalice
  • The Pivotal Role of the Golden Section in Modern Science:
  • Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Nonlocality, the Fine Structure Constant

Scott Olsen will also include in this presentation...

Sacred Geometry and the Founding of the Theosophical Society
The modern founding of the Theosophical Society is uniquely associated with circumstances surrounding a presentation on ancient canons of proportion in the New York apartment of Helena Petrovena Blavatsky and Colonel Henry Olcott.  We will look at the ‘Felt’ connection through work that includes that of New York architect and Theosophist, Claude Bragdon.

Part 2 with Scott Olsen
Transformative States of Consciousness with Sacred Geometry

We will examine how we are in fact hardwired via the divine numbers to experience transformations of consciousness.  Understanding the holographic presence of the entire Cosmos potentially within each of us, students will see how resonance, attunement and entrainment using the numbers can lead to peak experiences, and more complete stages of self-identity, fulfillment & inner contentment with life.
This workshop will break new ground in an area of timeless Perennial Wisdom that has never been adequately addressed, much less explained – at least not openly in a public forum.  
Following years of painstaking study, personal research, experience, plus timely recent discoveries in quantum mechanics and brain structures, we will examine the overwhelming evidence that sacred geometry – through its ratios, proportions and patterns – plays a central role in transformative states of consciousness.
Striking parallels arise in Near-Death Experiences, Vision Quests, and accounts of Initiation.  Culling through the evidence of ancient initiatory experiences during the celebration of the mysteries of Eleusis, phenomenal acquisitions of mathematical knowledge by Near-Death Experiencers, and the accounts of Yogis, Astronauts and Vision-Questers in deep non-ordinary states of consciousness, we may well be on the threshold of a realization that illumination – in resonance with sacred geometry – may be the ultimate goal of humanity.

We will look at H.P. Blavatsky’s claim in the Secret Doctrine that the mystery of proportional symmetry is revealed during Initiation.  And we will examine similar striking accounts of mathematical information downloaded during accidental NDEs and purposeful Vision Quests.  In the process we will address the most recent discoveries regarding the role of Fibonacci and Golden Section geometry in microtubules and clathrins, the “golden physics” of nonlocality and superposition in quantum mechanics, synesthesia and synchronicity, and striking revelations from Near-Death Experiencers and those who have undergone self-induced illuminatory states of consciousness.

It is beginning to look more and more as if the entire Universe and everything in it is holographic, and therefore, self-similar and connected from top to bottom.  Our goal may be to achieve states of attunement and entrainment, ultimately leading up to quantum coherent resonance with the consciousness of the Universe itself: Samadhi or Cosmic Consciousness – the state of Homoluminosity!
Self-transformation may well be humanity's ultimate goal. Knowledge of Sacred Geometry attained in NDEs and other transformative experiences appears to play a crucial role. We will examine the evidence.

  • Resonance
  • Microtubules
  • Spider Consciousness
  • Eleusis
  • Supernormal
  • Synesthesia
  • Samadhi
  • Near Death Experiences (NDEs)
  • Vision Quests
  • Initiation & Illumination

Healing Water Technology with Dr. Josef Tyls  

Health, Energy and the “Alchemical Wonders” of Water, Hydrogen and Oxygen.

We believe the Power of Water to heal, cleanse, regenerate and give life to our body, mind and soul has been underestimated.
Josef will focus on different perspectives of research on the alchemy and science of water and the technologies that are emerging for this powerful healing element in our lives. You will discover the intense power of water and the 'magic' it holds deep inside.

Water is truly one of the great mysteries of life and there are many questions regarding this common substance that modern science has yet to understand.
Josef Tyls will answer many of them including:

  • Exactly what functions does water facilitate on our planet and in our bodies?
  • What is the best water to drink?
  • Can we unlock the power of water to create energy?
  • How can it be used for powerful healing?
  • What is the best way to ‘energize' it?
  • What happens when you add extra hydrogen and oxygen to water?
  • What happens when you magnetize water?
  • Does water have a memory and how does it retain information?

The Wonders of Water

Never before in the history of mankind have we realized so much about simple everyday common “water”. The science of water is becoming more surprising all the time. It is not just a single homogenous substance that we have thought it to be. For example, water (H2O) has many varieties depending on which of the three hydrogen isotopes are involved, the size of the loosely held molecular groups called “charge clusters," and the frequencies both subtle and gross that can be imprinted and stored in water. It is an absolutely key ingredient in producing Life as we know it.

Course Topics

  • What is Healthy Water?
  • Acid Vs. Alkaline
  • What is ‘Restructuring’ Water
  • Emotions in Water
  • Ozone water healing therapies
  • Hydrogen water healing therapies
  • Healing Waters for degenerative diseases  
  • Steiner Water Flows
  • The Water Wizard - Victor Schauberger
  • The Mysteries of Water and Hydrogen
  • How does Hydrogen manifest itself from the ‘ether’ (the Golden Question)?
  • The Golden Ratio of Hydrogen
  • Recent discoveries into the theory of water
  • How to increasing soil health and agricultural yields  
  • Hydrogen as a form of energy production
  • HHO / Hydroxy / Browns gas uses in healing
  • Extending life with electric field technologies
  • Cold Fusion, LENR technologies
  • What is the future of Hydrogen?

The Nature of Oxygen and Hydrogen
Everyone knows how essential oxygen is for life and most of us have heard of or witnessed the miracles of various ozone therapies, but how many realize that Hydrogen plays just as important if not greater role than oxygen in the human body and for all life on the planet. You will hear about the most cutting edge water spa therapies on the planet as well as the great potential that Hydrogen has for healing.

You will learn the significance of the golden mean ratio and the frequencies of Hydrogen.
Entire textbooks have been written about the benefits of oxygen and oxygen therapies for many health conditions, including cancer, infections, cardiac rehab, burns, and more. Studies have showed that drinking oxygenated water enhanced tissue oxygenation, because sooner or later poor oxygenation will catch up with you. The oxygen in the water penetrates the mucous membranes of your stomach and GI tract to reach your tissues. In a person who suffers from a disease, the mitochondria are often trapped in a perpetual low energy state. The oxygen in the water helps to increase the membrane’s energy potential. Almost everyone is oxygen deprived. Sufficient oxygen isn’t enough. You also need healthy blood circulation and adequate hydration to carry the oxygen to all the tissues and cells it needs to reach.

However, it takes a “jolt” to push your low energy levels higher. Once you’re ill, this is not something you can do through just drinking regular water or exercising, it usually takes special technologies dealing with water to get these deeper effects.

Healing with water has thousands of years of development
Bathing in ‘healing’ water helps patients with severe skin conditions to improve greatly. These included burns, lymphoma, varicose ulcers, physical trauma, and viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. Bathing regimens have helped remediate several kinds of cancer as well as cognitive decline. For hundreds of years, Europeans (and other parts of the world) have used ‘water spas’ for dramatic improvements in oxygen saturation, reaction times, cognition, and blood pressure (both systolic and diastolic). Water facilitates ongoing cellular repair and regeneration, aids the detoxification process, and refreshes and re-energizes your body. It also reduces inflammation and allergies.

Sacred Geometry, Fractals and the Nature of Water
Designing and maintaining life is the essence of the Hermetic Project. It is the difference between life and death, and can be the turning point in the evolution of civilization. Representative of our global scientific and philosophical heritage, Sacred Geometry and the Golden Mean Ratio is now being rediscovered and applied to cutting-edge physics, hydrogen, water and many breakthrough technologies.

It is from this deep wisdom and understanding, that Sacred Geometry and Alchemy is able to provide us with powerful medicines, reflections on the “Order of Things” and modern day applications such as technologies involving healing water, bio-architecture and sustainable energy.
Many scientists now can provide evidence that the shape of the universe is a Stellated Dodecahedron. It is a shape capable of producing the perfect fractal, the stellated dodecahedron causes perfect charge collapse (implosion based on the Golden Mean) that creates gravity. The Golden Mean allows for the addition and multiplication of waves of charge and energy.

The centripetal, conjugate and fractal (therefore Negentropic) electric magnetic fields accelerate life and all living systems.  The Golden Ratio is the wave solution to constructive compression implosion, phase conjugation, negentropy and therefore life force, perception, and consciousness. All biology remains alive to the extent its electric-magnetic field is centripetal. That's what holds it together.

A good definition of a Fractal is “Fractals exhibit self-similarity, meaning their inner structure has the same pattern as their outer structure (like a pine cone or a fern tree)”. Fractality describes the geometry of waves of energy or charge, and manifest as wave patterns that evolve ad infinitum - like an encoded thread linking larger spirals to infinitely smaller ones. Only the Golden Ratio allows for constructive interference of wave addition and multiplication. Because a fractal signifies infinite compression, it is what spans the gap between the symmetries of the very small and the very large.
Leading scientists, Dan Winter, Andrei Linde and El Naschie have found fractals helpful in modeling the behavior of the universe, and they are currently spearheading research suggesting that the fractal nature of space may actually be the cause of gravity. World famous research scientist El Naschie has calculated groundbreaking mathematics proving the universe is a fractal based on the Golden Ratio. The work of Alain Connes has shown that non-commutative spaces naturally evolve toward fractality. In fact, most astrophysicists now agree that the shape of the universe is a dodecahedron and that the Golden Ratio is the essence of fractality and thereby the root cause of gravity. Dan Winter has written many theories on the nature of gravity via the golden mean ratio.
An inspiring new order of pure scientific principles, the Golden Ratio operates and expresses itself through "Phase Conjugation" and the design of life giving, healing, age regressing charged fields as used in the pioneering “Theraphi Plasma Healing Device” you can witness (and try for free) at this event.

Theraphi Wellness Device
Free sessions at the Iceland Celebration!

The Theraphi is a new and revolutionary healing device inspired by Nikola Tesla’s pioneering efforts in electromagnetic fields. The use of electromagnetic waves for therapy has been well documented for over 60 years. Biological systems use longitudinal electromagnetic waves. The Theraphi system tailors these specific wave forms, generating a rich information field. This kind of strong charge field is by definition the electrical opposite of swelling, cyst and tumor growth.

What does it do?
The Theraphi therapy sessions are holistic and non-invasive during which the cells of the body are enveloped in a powerful plasma bio-active field. The resultant wave field restores order to the body’s cellular regenerative system by reversing the disease process. This technology has a huge potential for pain reduction, longevity, enhancing the immune system and reducing healing times.

The Theraphi has a broad spectrum of frequencies that can be used for a variety of ailments.

Applications include:

  •  Pain reduction
  •  Swelling reduction
  •  Wound regeneration
  •  Stem cell switching
  •  Reducing the effects of aging
  •  Cell memory reversal

Tonic Longevity Herbs, Elixirs and Superfoods with Inga Bylinkina

In this engaging class Inga will explore the ancient and time tested strategies to address our most common modern day health concerns, such as toxicity, weight gain, hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, stress, fatigue, digestive issues, and chronic lifestyle illnesses.
You will get an overview of Herbal Tonic and Superfood Nutrition approach to health and practical life enhancing information along with specific protocols and recipes.

What you will get out of this workshop:

  • Find out about specific herbs and superfoods that support gentle whole body cleansing and sustainable weight loss
  • Learn to make delicious tonic elixirs and smoothies that boost health and longevity, balance the emotions and lift the spirit
  • Get simple detoxification and weight loss protocols, and valuable self-care strategies for a lifetime of wellness
  • Get insights on how to customize elixirs for any health challenge that life may throw at you.

Taste some potent and nourishing brews and receive recipes to take home and apply to your daily health enhancing routine

The presentation will start with an introduction to The Art of Radiant Health, the ancient Taoist system of Three Treasures, and the world of Tonic Herbalism. Tonic herbs are considered superior medicine for keeping the body healthy and in balance. They nourish and support the body’s systems on a deep level and naturally increase our energy level. Tonic herbs are considered health enhancing medicine and give a healthy boost to our immune system. They are essential for managing chronic illness and helping the body rebuild its own natural defenses. Current research indicates that many of these herbs help our bodies manage the stress response. Gynostemma, Astragalus, Schizandra, Dang Quai, He Shou Wu, Reishi and Cordyceps are a sampling of herbs we'll discuss in this class.
We will then explore what Superfoods are and what role they play in our nutritional demands these days.  You will learn how to plug nutritional gaps in your diet using superfood nutrition and practically apply the principles of "Food as Medicine”.
We will then explore the Elixir Craft! Crafting elixirs that combine tonic herbs and superfoods is a fun and inspiring process. The basic formula for crafting is simple… and it is a wonderful art that can evolve over time as you learn the way different herbs and ingredients work together.

We will discuss:

  • Anatomy of a superfood elixir and principles of herbal alchemy
  • Innovative way to use superfoods and herbs in warm smoothies
  • Guidelines for taking herbal elixirs to get the most benefits

The Art of ORMES: A practical Workshop

The term ORMES comes from “Orbitally Rearranged Mono Atomic Elements”. Ormes is a source of trace elements and minerals which are extracted from seawater using a unique process.
Ormes materials are thought to be the precious metal elements in a different atomic state. They are anti-aging minerals, and on the cutting edge of superfood nutrition. These precious metals have the unique ability to remain stable in the monatomic form, which can then lead to effects ranging from levitation (weight losses) and to many fundamental biological effects.

It is a way of capturing the ‘Life Force’ and Prana and “Bio Photons”

  • Learn how you can capture and utilize these amazing elements
  • Join us in uncovering the ancient history and modern use of this unique state of matter.
  • Learn the powerful healing effects of these minerals.
  • Learn how to make them in your own home and save many dollars.
  • The precious metals known to exist in this 'ormes' state are known as the “light and heavy platinum group”.
  • They are cobalt, nickel, copper, ruthenium, rhodium, palladum, silver, and osmium, iridium, platinum, and gold.
  • These minerals are known as super conductors and can in a monatomic, high spin state and lose their chemical reactivity and metallic nature

The ORME represents a huge subject area, involving state-of-the-art chemistry, physics, physiology and interpretations of Sumerian, Egyptian and other histories including the Alchemical Western Esoteric Traditions. Walk in the footsteps of the ancients and cross the bridge of time into the latest understanding of quantum mechanics, bio-medicinal properties and permaculture applications of these amazing substances.  

Use in Agriculture
They attract light energy (photons) which is a major reason for increased growth and production in covered crops, full moonlight, cloudy conditions and for higher photosynthetic activity of the treated crops in general. They have the unique ability to remain stable in the monatomic form and this makes them biologically compatible and easily assimilated or absorbed at a cellular level, hence increasing nutritional density in plants and causing stronger and rapid growth.

Ormes create a range of biological effects, in basic terms they are able to ‘catch’ more bio-photon energy. The nutrition density and disease resistance of crops increases, and their ‘phase conjugate’ electrical and magnetic qualities also help to make a happy home for microorganism growth.


If you're passionate about innovations in health and natural healing, nutrition, energy production systems, sustainability and agriculture, and interested in meditations, ritual and the ancient art of alchemy, and being part of the solution-not the problem, and a lover of natural pristine nature and landscapes -then join us for these exciting days.

Join us on this roller coaster ride of information, demonstrations and practice, with walks, tours and parties!

We are committed to developing innovation in health, agriculture, water treatment, sustainability and alternative energy production, new paradigm thinking and ways towards a more humane system of healthcare.

We are dedicated to the enhancement and preservation of our environment and self-empowerment in all aspects of life.

Pay your $600 deposit by 1st March to secure your place



Haraldur Erlendsson, MD, is an eminent Icelandic psychiatrist and specialist in the
treatment of psychological trauma. He has long had a keen interest in the esoteric,
particularly dream symbolism and yoga. His recent novel, ‘The Man Who Drew Triangles’, draws on his research into earth energies and sacred geometry. Haraldur will accompany us on all of our day tours and give lectures on Iceland History, Geomancy and Norse Mythology

Consultant Psychiatrist, Medical Director and CEO of HNLFÍ medical rehabilitation clinic.
Haraldur, born in Denmark, was brought up in Iceland which for him is home. His fascination with the spiritual began with deep inner experiences in his teens that had a formative impact on him and laid the ground for his spiritual journey. His family gave him links to Theosophy as a platform to explore spiritual traditions. His life-long interest has been the study and practical application of the spiritual practices of different religions including shamanism and esoteric tantra.

Haraldur studied medicine and later trained in neurology in Iceland and worked in general practice. Treating victims of natural disasters led him into the field of psychological trauma and psychotherapy. He trained and worked in the UK as a psychiatrist for many years, specializing in treating severe psychological trauma and borderline personality disorder. He is a member of a special interest group at the Royal College of Psychiatrists interested in the overlap between mental illness and spiritual experiences. He is a pioneer of research into the application of sacred geometry, place names and shamanic techniques to unlock ancient earth mysteries. His work holds the promise not only of connecting with the consciousness of the planet, but making equally profound and revelatory inner journeys.


Paul Harris is a Canadian inventor and researcher. He has taken a multidisciplinary knowledge-based approach to a wide area of studies including Herbology, Permaculture, Water Technologies, Alternative Fuel and Energy Systems, Electronics, Chemistry and Plasma Physics. Paul has found this diversity necessary in understanding the fundamental principles behind the workings of nature.
He has taught courses on practical Alchemy, Sacred Geometry, and alternative energy systems for the past 20 years.
Paul Harris has engineered the Theraphi Wellness Device (www.Theraphi.Tech) which uses a non-destructive single carrier wave to modulate complex waveforms, creating multiple RF induced fields mixed in an ion plasma tube, referred to as ‘The Conjugator’.  Various noble gases and frequency cascades were tested until the perfect mix was achieved. The Theraphi system uses longitudinal EM waves and time-polarized EM waves that penetrate every cell and atomic nucleus in the body. The fact that such signals can reverse nearly every major cellular illness of the body has been proven by Priore and is in the French scientific literature. The electrodynamics that results from this technology are part of the emerging “Fractal Unified Field Theory”.

Scott Olsen, Ph.D. is a Professor of Philosophy & Religion at the College of Central Florida. Scott first received international acclaim by successfully decoding the geometric mysteries of Plato. His book, The Golden Section: Nature’s Greatest Secret received rave reviews, and in 2007 was awarded a 1st place for design by the Bookbinders’ Guild of New York. A life-long student of the Ancient Wisdom, he has studied under physicist David Bohm, world religion expert Huston Smith, sacred geometers Keith Critchlow & John Michell, and esotericist Douglas Baker.

A member of the Theosophical Society in America, Scott lectures widely on the Perennial Philosophy (in both its ancient and modern forms) with special emphasis on the Divine Proportion and transformative states of consciousness. In 2009 he assisted Alexey Stakhov with his highly acclaimed book, The Mathematics of Harmony: From Euclid to Contemporary Mathematics and Computer Science.


Dr. Josef Tyls is an industrial engineer. He was born in the Czech Republic and became a Canadian citizen in 1972. In 1985 Josef developed a unique high definition three-dimensional holographic audio system specifically designed for healing purposes. By 1992 Josef Tyls was recruited by Dr. Carlos Fenton Mason D.Sc. of Mato Labs to design and engineer medical ozone generation systems capable of continuous use without degradation. He developed the hyper oxygenation process that became the fundamental technology platform for his company Vancouver Oxygen research Technologies  Ltd. which was then licensed to and still in use by the Avani Water Corporation in Burnaby B.C.
Josef has been involved with systems technology design throughout his working career and has successfully brought to market many of the technologies for nearly 30 years. 

He has built a variety of derivative and other innovative water purifying and enlivening systems, using the teachings of great water inventors like Walter Schauberger. Schauberger's assertions of the life force in drinking water being the quintessential electrolyte for all living things, form the philosophy behind the Josep Tyls water processes. When water is synthesized, recovered, precipitated, condensed or remediated and then energized, revitalized, re-oxygenated and kept active in storage, it again becomes the nourishing invigorate that we all need for life.

His field of expertise covers all aspects of industrial engineering, electronics design and development, biology and bio-oxidative medicine, electro-medicine, water processing, and high definition audio systems used for healing. His deep understanding of the fundamental structure of matter and its interrelationship with human consciousness is the basis of many of his unique technologies. The list of mentors, which Josef has studied and developed his technologies from: Dr. Nicola Tesla, Victor Schauberger, John Worrell Keely, Dr. Walter Russell, and many other pioneers of quantum physics


Inga is a practicing herbalist, healing nutrition coach and energy healer.  She grew up in the Russian countryside, immersed in the herbal folklore and old-school healing traditions. Since childhood Inga developed a fondness for plant medicine and is now a passionate advocate of natural healing and seasonally attuned holistic approach to health and life.

After moving to the US she studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Daoist longevity practices, holistic nutrition, craniosacral therapy and various natural healing modalities. Inga’s path and purpose is to educate on how we can cultivate a deeper connection with the natural world and our body’s innate intelligence through the use of plant medicines and health cultivating practices. Besides working with private clients, Inga is also co-director and instructor at Academy of Healing Nutrition in NYC. She teaches workshops on food as medicine, herbal remedies, superfoods, medicinal mushrooms and elixir craft in the US and Europe.  


Callie Roang is a co-creator and Soeur Mystica with her partner Paul Harris in the great work of relationship, Alchemy & all things Theraphi (with client sessions being her focus).  She is an activist for consciousness, practitioner of Kriya Yoga, meditation & qi gong and leads groups in her own stylized energy fusion practices and Taoist feminine teachings.

Callie follows the sacred pulse of life guided by the Law of Love.  She most delights in intimacy with life, oneness awareness, inspired writing and poetry. Callie has also been a therapist in the healing arts for over 20 years. Through her company Conscious Creations, she provides spiritual-based counseling, energy work, emotional balancing, Thai massage, community circles and retreats. 

In another life, she has years of corporate management experience in leading and developing teams plus board and non-profit support.  

Run Away To Iceland 2017 - Alchemy Workshops, Events, & Tours


Josef Tyls M.Sc. Ph.D
Aurelius Electrum
Inga Bylinkina
Callie Roang



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